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Silent Night Chords

How to play Silent Night on guitar is not as difficult as it sounds (Silent Night Guitar Tab). The Silent Night song is the most famous Christmas carol. It originated in German in 1863 and was translated into English by John Young and Jane Campbell. It was published in the Charles Hutchins Sunday School Hymnal in 1873. The song has been performed in more than 300 languages. The original words were written by Austrian composers Mohr and Gruber. It is the most popular Christmas carol in the United States.

Silent Night Song Lyrics

Silent Night Chords, Verse 1

G                                    D        D7   G     G7
Silent night! Holy night! All is calm all is bright
C                           G                          C                     G
Round yon virgin mother and child Holy infant so tender and mild
D                  D7         G Em    G               D          G
Sleep in heavenly peace!   Sleep in heavenly peace!

Silent Night Lyrics, Verse 2

G                                    D               D7        G      G7
Silent night! Holy night! Shepherds quake at the sight
C                                  G                C                            G
Glories stream from heaven afar Heavenly hosts sing Hallelujah
D                 D7           G Em       G               D          G
Christ the Saviour is born!     Christ the Saviour is born!

Silent Night Chord, Verse 3

G                                     D         D7     G             G7
Silent night! Holy night! Son of God love’s pure light
C                                G                    C                              G
Radiant beams from thy holy face With the dawn of redeeming grace
D         D7              G Em    G      D               G
Jesus lord at thy birth!     Jesus lord at thy birth!

About Silent Night Song

The famous Christmas carol, “Silent Night”, has a long history dating back to 1818. Franz Xaver Gruber composed it in 1818 to lyrics written by Joseph Mohr in Oberndorf bei Salzburg, Austria. In 2011, the song was declared an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. Singers from many different genres have recorded it throughout the years. It is one of the most popular Christmas carols of all time.

The poem “Silent Night” first became popular in 1854 in the Zillertal valley of Austria. It was then set to music by two traveling folk singer families. Eventually, the song spread throughout Europe and reached the United States when Rainers sang it on Wall Street. Despite its age, the “Silent Night” has always carried a very important message. It is one of the few Christmas carols that remind us of the universal sense of grace.

Despite its simplicity, the lyrics of the popular Christmas carol have a rich and enriched history. The lyric retells Biblical passages about the birth of Jesus. The poem also mentions Mary, Jesus’ mother, and how Jesus slept in heavenly peace. Today, the words of “Silent Night” are often used in church services. The history of this song has a lot of meaning.

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